Wiper Wonder® As Seen on TV will restore your old wiper blades in seconds.  Now there's a fast and easy way to recondition your dull, unsafe wiper blades and get rid of the streaks WITHOUT spending money to replace them. 


WiperWonder works by simply swiping it across your old wiper blade and the miracle pads remove dirt and grime from your wiper blades, restore the edges and even sharpen your wiper blades. You'll drive safer with a cleaner windshield and it's even compact enough to fit in your glove box so you can use it when traveling on the road. 






The end result is wiper blades that work LIKE NEW with no fuss and no streaking. It's easy and safe to use and, best of all, Wiper Wonder works on virtually ANY wiper blade! It's extends the life of your wiper blades, saving you both time and money.


Buy Wiper Wonder Now for only $10 + s/h and we'll double the offer!You'll get a 2nd WiperWonder Free PLUS AND the amazing Windshield Wonder with an extended reach handle, so you can keep the inside of your windshield just as clean and streak-free as the outside.  Don't miss out on this great deal!